GVS KNX 3,5" Temperature Control Panel


Power Supply: Current: Power comsuption: Installation: Temperature Range: Detecting Range: Humidity Range: Dimmension:
21~30V DC, bus powered < 12mA Max. 360mW 60 mm switchbox Operation -5℃ ~ 45℃ Storage -25℃ ~ 55℃ Transport -25℃ ~70 ℃ 0 ~ 70°C 0...100% 86 x 86 x 32 mm
  • capacitive touchscreen tech., and high-contrast screen to achieve excellent display.
  • with temperature’s setting and displaying are available, and option between centigrade temperature and Fahrenheit temperature are optional.
  • whe panel has its own sensor to detect and display room’s temperature and humidity.
  • function of temperature control, with temperature control algorithm by itself.
  • unction of modes and wind speeds’ selection. There are modes of refrigeration and heating for option, and modes of comfort, sleep, standby, and protection, while wind speeds of 3: high, medium and low. The mode affects the wind speed
  • function of cycle timer
  • display clock and week. Time can be updated via KNX net
  • backlight brightness is adjustable
  • function of warning tone. Panel warns when button is pushed, and this function can be activated/deactivated via ETS
  • 1fold input for thermistor sensor
  • 3 folds input for universal interface